Blog: SCCC Travel/Study Courses

Some of our programs include travel/study courses offered by Seattle Central Community College (SCCC). This is a great way to earn college credit for international study, work, or volunteer programs! Here is a brief overview of the courses offered:

ITL 197: International Cooperative Education (3 semester credits)
Provides students with an opportunity to earn college credit for work experiences, internships, or volunteer service in an international setting.

ITL 198: International Cooperative Education (3 semester credits)
A continuation of ITL 197.

EDU 291: Using the World As a Classroom (3 or 6 semester credits)
Research outside the classroom is now a reality. Students will pick a travel destination, select a research topic, gather research data, and combine them all into a learning experience. This is a self-paced course designed to maximize learning and travel experiences.

SSC 297: Travel/Study Experience (3 or 6 semester credits)
Designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities for students and other individuals who undertake domestic and/or foreign travel. It offers the participant an opportunity to learn outside the classroom by taking advantage of cross-cultural activities and events, historic sites, museums, etc. – activities that are available through travel.

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