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This past weekend we visited the town of Cieszyn.  This is an amazing little city. What makes the city unique is that half of the town is in Poland and the other half in the Czech Republic. The town is about an hour and a half drive from where I am staying in Sosnowiec.

We spent the first night on the Polish side. It was so pretty and quaint. Most of the streets were sloping and stone or brick. The main square was open with a fountain in the middle. Small restaurants, café’s, pubs, and shops outlined the opening.

The small town was very romantic in its quiet atmosphere. Unlike Krakow on a Saturday night, Cieszyn had very few people on the street. We visited the local winery which was nestled in a small alley away from the square. It was decorated so cute and homey. There we tried the Czech beer, wine, and fried cheese in which they are known for.

In the morning, we were told a little secret from the hotel receptionist. At the castle on the Polish side, you can ask the front desk for the key to the chapel tower. Not many visitors know this is available. We visited the tower, which we climbed and climbed, and then asked for the key to the chapel tower. We were given a very old skeleton key which we used for our own exclusive tour of the chapel.  It really was great to know about the special access. I highly suggest doing the same if any of the readers plan to visit. Not only is the chapel beautiful on the inside, but opening the large oak door with the key is cool in itself. J

After seeing the castle we walked to the Czech side. As I said before, the town is small, so walking takes a short amount of time. We arrived at the river which divides the two countries. There was a line in the pavement and country signs on the corresponding sides of the bridge but nothing more. It is like passing through states in the US.

We walked around the Czech Republic side looking at buildings mostly. They also had a main square with a fountain in the middle. There wasn’t much we would do because it was Sunday morning and all the shops, cafés, etc were closed. There were 2 or 3 small stores open and the cashiers were outside the door trying to get us to come in and buy something – but that was it.

One of the most interesting things we found was a milk dispensing machine on the street. This was even a first for Marcin to see. I have attached a picture of the finding.

Overall, I really really enjoyed the town. It was beautiful, quiet, and quaint. I am planning to visit again before I leave.


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2 Responses to Stacey Garske’s Travel Log 2

  1. Aunt Linda and Uncle Manny says:

    I love the commentary to your pictures. I feel like we are there and, you know us, we just may some day. When we travel I try to write notes for each day so that when I get home I don’t “forget” something special we saw. So I especially like the blog. Continue to enjoy yourself and seeing as much as you can. Love ya, Aunt Linda

  2. Aunt Linda and Uncle Manny says:

    OMG. Slovakia? I am so excited. I even went on-line already and checked out the city and the motel. The motel looks old on the outside but very European on the inside. It appears the city (pop. almost 500,000) is very old but yet very modern. Their suspension bridge is awesome. The one thing that worries me is that here in Arizona we measure our sunshine by days, in Bratislava they measure it by hours :). You will have a great time. Can’t wait for the report. Aunt Linda

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