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Stacey is studying International Business at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. She chose to pursue Polish studies at the Uniwersytet Jagiellonski in Krakow, Poland. Her courses will include a mixture of information regarding the culture – poetry, globalization, European Union, and the language.


Initial Log

I have arrived in Poland! This trip was long awaited and I am glad to finally be here. The process was so smooth and I don’t regret my decision to undertake this journey through Study Abroad Compass. Holly was so helpful at every step of the way. At times, I think it went too smooth and something bad was waiting around the corner! hehe.


This trip will hold so much for me.  I feel the next 5 months will shape my life and have the most influence on my future. There are two major elements to this reasoning. First, the main focus is the study abroad experience. The most common reaction from the US (and European) family members, friends, colleagues, etc was enthusiasm and encouragement for pursuing the SA experience.


This is the same reaction I have and feel. I want to have the edge and competitive advantage in a job opening. I feel this study opportunity could help provide that. I do have a fear that the international experience isn’t as highly regarded as I think. There were comments back in the US of “why leave America?” or “I don’t see the competitive advantage of having SA on your resume.” Whether it is the truth or just a narrow mind – I can’t stop it from crossing mine!


The second element which will contribute to my future layout is work experience. I have obtained a position in the purchasing office in Cracow. The company is the same one I work for in the States and I am familiar with the woman I will be shadowing.


Gosia is a highly regarded member of Nexteer. She speaks numerous languages, has a very good education, and has a personality which draws everyone. The work she does on our team for purchasing is outstanding. I am hoping to absorb the good traits from her while I shadow her.


Currently, I have no direction for my international business degree. I pursued a business degree because it was so broad; therefore, would yield an array of job opportunities. I added the international twist to it to give me an edge against other job applicants. The problem is that I chose too broad of a degree because now I don’t have a direct path to the career I want.


It is for this reason that I am so excited for the purchasing experience. I am hoping this is the direction I need. If I work well in purchasing, then I will have a job aspect to look forward to. While my current assistant job was easy and mindless, I want a job that challenges me but at the same time I can excel to new heights with it. I feel that the next 5 months will either put me on the path to my future career, or leave me back where I started without much direction.

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  1. Bob Garske says:

    I read your blog and it is very informative. Glad you sent it…Keep in touch.
    Grandpa, & Gram

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