Home-Stay Volunteer Program in Gdynia/Gdansk: At a Glance

University: Seattle Central Community College
Fields of Study: Volunteer, Teaching English, Polish Language
Dates: June 15, 2017 to August 17, 2017
Credit: 3
Deadlines: April 15, 2017
Price: $2,200
Housing: Home Stay
Minimum Age: 18

Program Highlights:

Study Abroad Poland has designed a unique new program in the beautiful seaside town of Gdynia, which is close to Gdansk. During this program you will live with a Polish family and teach them English, learn Polish at a local language school, and earn college credit from our American partner school, Seattle Central Community College. There is no better way to experience the country than to live with a Polish family and exchange cultural viewpoints, perspectives, and stories. Your independent travel/study course at Seattle Central will allow you to reflect on this experience and earn 3 college credits!

Don’t need college credit? Contact us and we’ll send you the price without the credit.

The University:

Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) is an American college that is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, an institution accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. It is also a member of the League for Innovation, a prestigious group of community colleges nationwide who have been selected for membership based on education excellence. Since 1966, the college has served the higher education training needs of more than 500,000 students.

Your courses will be organized by the Office of Cooperative Education and Service-Learning. The mission of our office is to provide students with resources to obtain internship, volunteer, and service-learning experiences that will enhance their academic, professional, and personal growth as well as their leadership development and sense of civic responsibility.


The City:

Your program will take place in Gdynia, which is a beautiful seaside town on the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea coast in northern Poland. The city is part of the Tri-City area, which consists of three cities – Gdynia, Gdansk, and Sopot – which cooperate on many levels. With commuter trains linking the cities together, you can spend the summer exploring each one. Gdynia is known for its large port and marinas where you can see the ships coming in from Europe. There is also great shopping and long promenades along the water. Sopot is famous for its sandy beaches and for having the longest wooden pier (molo) in Europe! Gdansk is the city full of history, which over 1000 years of tradition. The Old Town will enchant you as you stroll along the cobblestone streets. Spend some time visiting Westerplatte, the place where World War II started, or the home of Lech Walesa, who was the famous leader of the Solidarity movement which helped bring an end to communism and who became the President of Poland. There are endless possibilities for exploring the Tri-City area during your program!

Courses & Descriptions:


You will work as a volunteer live-in English teacher with a Polish family from Gdynia (located near Gdansk). In exchange for English conversation lessons, the family will provide you with free room and board. In your free time, you will spend time with the family and continue to reinforce their English skills by talking to them only in English.


You will take Polish lessons a few times a week at the nearby Sopot School of Polish for Foreigners. Learn from native speakers and use the language while exploring the city!


While abroad, you can choose to take an on-line independent study course at Seattle Central Community College called SSC 297: Travel/Study Experience. It provides hands-on learning opportunities for students and other individuals who undertake domestic and/or foreign travel. It offers the participant an opportunity to learn outside the classroom by taking advantage of cross-cultural activities and events, historic sites, museums, etc. – activities that are available through travel. You can earn 3 semester credits for this course. The academic component, pre-departure materials, and some on-site services will be provided by Study Abroad Poland.

Don’t need college credit? Contact us and we’ll send you the price without the credit.

Sample Course Listing

SCCC 297: Travel/Study Experience - Credits: 3

Transfer Credit:

You’ll receive an official transcript from Seattle Central Community College. This allows you to transfer credit back to your home university.

The credits listed are estimated credits for the courses. You should speak with the study abroad advisor at your home university to determine the number of transfer credits and obtain pre-approval for your courses.

After successfully completing the program, you’ll be able to request an official transcript from Seattle Central. The transcript has the course titles, course hours, and grades. Your university will need this transcript to transfer credit. You can earn 3 semester credits.


Financial Aid:

It is possible to transfer your financial aid to pay for some or all of the program costs. The first step is to check with your home institution’s financial aid advisor before applying. Since every home institution has different rules, only your advisor can tell you what kind of aid can transfer. Study Abroad Poland is happy to provide you with a certificate of enrollment or any other documents that your university might require.

Scholarships are available on our scholarships page.


Application Deadline(s):

April 15, 2017

Late applications will be considered on an individual basis.

Applying for our programs is simple! Fill out the on-line application form and wait for more information from us.

Why Study Here

Daily Cultural Exchange

By living with a Polish family and teaching them English, you will be able to teach them about your country and they will introduce you to Polish customs, way of live, and most importantly – Polish cooking! Every day will be full of new cultural experiences and insight that you can only get from living with a family.

Working Vacation

There will still be time to go to the beach! You will be living in a seaside city,with miles of golden sandy coastline and some of the biggest sand dunes in Europe. The hot summer temperatures make it the perfect summer destination. In your free time you can take long walks on the beach, sunbathe, swim, and meet the locals.

Live, Eat, Breathe History

A little bit of history can be uncovered every time you explore the Tri-Cities (Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot). This area has been a major player in Polish history. For example, Gdansk was the birthplace of Solidarity, which was the labor union that helped bring about the collapse of communism!

Get a Bang for Your Buck

Poland is an affordable destination – your dollar still goes a long way!

Be in the Center of It All

Located in the heart of Europe, Poland is the perfect home base for your travels to other European cities such as Paris, Rome, Budapest, Berlin, etc.


  • $2,200

What's Included

Volunteer Placement & Tuition

The program includes the volunteer placement fee and full tuition and fees at Seattle Central Community College and your Polish language school.

Official Transcript

After successfully completing the program, you will be able to request an official transcript from Seattle Central. This allows you to transfer credit back to your university (with prior approval from your advisor). The transcript contains the course title, grade, and credit hours for each course.

Housing & Meals

During the program you will live with your host family. You will be provided with room and board in exchange for giving the family English conversation lessons.

Airport Transfers

Your Polish family will pick you up at the Gdansk Airport when you arrive and will take you there before your departure.

Use of a Pre-Paid Cell Phone

During the program you’ll be provided with a cell phone and a number of initial minutes. You’ll be responsible for recharging your phone with minutes. A cell phone is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family back home. Also, text messaging is a popular and economical way to communicate with your friends in Poland.

Health Insurance

You’ll be provided with a short-term accident and sickness medical plan that is especially designed for students studying abroad.

International Student Identity Card

All students are issued a complimentary International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which gives you great student discounts on airfare, rail passes, accommodation, sightseeing, food, shopping and more. Over 40,000 discounts are available around the world!

What You'll Need

Spending Money

Poland is an affordable country city to live in. You will need to bring spending money for personal items, additional travel, and entertainment.

Round-trip Airfare to Poland

Student travel agencies provide great deals on airfare to Poland. The average round-trip ticket costs around $800.

Pre-paid Phone Cards for Your Cell

At the beginning of the program you will be provided with a Polish cell phone and an initial amount of minutes (ca. $20). During the program you will need to purchase your own phone cards to refill your minutes. Your Program Director will show you where to buy these.