Internship in Warsaw: At a Glance

University: Collegium Civitas
Fields of Study: Politics, International Relations, Business, History, Art, Journalism, Jewish Studies
Dates: February 22, 2018 to June 30, 2018 - Spring
October 05, 2018 to December 18, 2018 - Fall
October 05, 2018 to February 23, 2018 - Fall 2
October 05, 2018 to June 30, 2019 - Academic Year
June 03, 2018 to June 30, 2018 - Summer
June 03, 2018 to July 14, 2018 - Summer 2
June 03, 2018 to July 26, 2018 - Summer 3
Credit: 16 - Spring
16 - Fall
16 - Fall 2
24-32 - Academic Year
3-6 - Summer
3-6 - Summer 2
3-6 - Summer 3
Deadlines: December 20, 2018 - Spring
July 20, 2018 - Fall
July 06, 2018 - Fall 2
July 06, 2018 - Academic Year
April 01, 2018 - Summer
April 01, 2018 - Summer 2
April 01, 2018 - Summer 3
Price: $8,500 - Spring
$7,900 - Fall
$8,500 - Fall 2
$16,450 - Academic Year
$3,500 - Summer
$3,800 - Summer 2
$4,100 - Summer 3
Housing: Apartment
Minimum Age: 18

Program Highlights:

Have you ever dreamed of interning in Poland? Well here is your chance to do it and earn college credit in the process! Together with our partner institution, Collegium Civitas, we are pleased to offer international internships in Warsaw. Internships provide students with a unique opportunity to gain work experience in an international setting. The internships are unpaid, and interns only need to know English. We work closely with you to find a placement that meets your needs and interest. College credit is awarded either though Collegium Civitas or Seattle Central Community College (depending on the term and courses selected). Make your resume stand out with an international internship!

The University:

Collegium Civitas is one of Poland’s leading private universities. The school is conveniently located in the heart of Warsaw in the monumental Palace of Culture and Science. It offers a wide variety of courses taught in English and in Polish. These courses are ideal for students studying sociology, international relations, political science, economics, and history. The professors are experts in the social sciences and majority are drawn from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland’s foremost research institution. The small student body (1,200) ensures an excellent student to teacher ratio (5:1) and individual attention. Your fellow colleagues will be Polish students as well other international students, and there will be frequent extra-curricular activities to keep you busy throughout the program.

The City:

With a population of more 1.7 million people, Warsaw is an ideal location for those of you who like the big city life. It became the country’s capital in 1596 when King Zygmunt III moved the royal residence there from Krakow. Since then Warsaw has witnessed many hardships (it was almost completely destroyed during WW II), but it has emerged as a cosmopolitan city and the business center of the country. Here you can find modern architecture juxtaposed with carefully-restored palaces and castles. The city boasts a beautiful Old Town and many theaters, museums, monuments, restaurants, and parks. And since it is home to a number of large universities, there are plenty of college students to meet and socialize with.

Courses & Descriptions:

An integral part of the curriculum is your internship placement. We offer a wide variety of placements in a number of fields, such as politics, art, history, non-profit services, Jewish studies, business, and more! See our Sample Internship Placement page for a full list.

Internship hours range from 10 hours per week (semester) to 30 hours per week (for summer).

The unique part of our internship program is that you can earn college credit for this experience. Below is more information on the credit options:


During the internship, you will enroll in classes at Collegium Civitas. You can earn up to 16 college credits per semester. For more information on the classes you can take, view our semester program page at Collegium Civitas. An intensive Polish class is also available. The staff at Collegium Civitas will work closely with you to find an internship placement that meets your needs and preferences. You will meet with the Academic Director on a regular basis to discuss the progress of your internship.


While completing the internship students are also simultaneously enrolled in Seattle Central Community College’s on-line social science course ILT 197: International Cooperative Education (3 semester credits). This course is an independent study that allows students to earn credit for work experience in an international setting. It is designed to help students reflect on their internship and to gain necessary skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

Internship Seminar and Reflections

As part of the summer internship, students are expected to deliver an internship presentation midway through the program in order for the academic director and other participants to learn in-depth about students’ ongoing practical experience and to offer feedback and suggestions. Students also write and submit internship essays at the end of the program.

Polish Language Class

Interested students can participate in the credited Polish language class during the program. The classes take place at Collegium Civitas.

Optional Academic Course

It is also possible to enroll in an additional summer academic course offered by Collegium Civitas, for an extra cost of $600 (2 semester credits)

Sample Course Listing

SCCC: International Cooperative Education (Summer) - Credits: 3

CC: Polish Language (All Levels) - Credits: 3

CC Comparative Politics - Credits: 3

CC Introduction to International Relations - Credits: 3

CC Geopolitics of Eastern Europe: a Historical Overview - Credits: 3

CC Polish Foreign Policy - Credits: 3

CC International Economics - Credits: 3

CC World History 1914-1945 - Credits: 3

CC World History Since 1945 - Credits: 3

Transfer Credit:

Collegium Civitas is a university fully accredited by the Polish Ministry of Education. Most colleges and universities allow you to transfer credit from courses taken abroad. Before applying it’s important to speak with the study abroad advisor at your home institution to obtain pre-approval for your courses and determine how many credits you’ll receive. Every educational institution has different policies about transferring credit, so we encourage you to follow your institution’s regulations. Usually the number of credits that you receive depends on the number of teaching hours. Following the American system, we suggest awarding 1 semester credit for every 15 hours of class time or 1 quarter credit for every 10 hours of class time.

After completing the program, we’ll send your registrar or study abroad advisor an official transcript with the course titles, course hours, and grades. Your university will need this transcript to transfer credit.

Financial Aid:

It is possible to transfer your financial aid to pay for some or all of the program costs. The first step is to check with your home institution’s financial aid advisor before applying. Since every home institution has different rules, only your advisor can tell you what kind of aid can transfer. Study Abroad Poland is happy to provide you with a certificate of enrollment or any other documents that your university might require.

Scholarships are available on our scholarships page.

Application Deadline(s):

December 20, 2018 - Spring

July 20, 2018 - Fall

July 06, 2018 - Fall 2

July 06, 2018 - Academic Year

April 01, 2018 - Summer

April 01, 2018 - Summer 2

April 01, 2018 - Summer 3

Late applications will be considered on an individual basis.

Applying for our programs is simple! Fill out the on-line application form and wait for more information from us.

Why Study Here

Meet a Diverse Student Body

At Collegium Civitas there is a small student body with a mixture of Polish and exchange students, so you are bound to have a truly international experience!

Enjoy the Cosmopolitan City

Warsaw is a cosmopolitan capital city – overflowing with cultural and social events. It is a perfect setting for a college campus. Collegium Civitas is located in the heart of Warsaw’s downtown area in the historical Palace of Culture and Science!

Live, Eat, Breathe History

A little bit of history can be uncovered on every one of Warsaw’s streets – the historic Old Town was completely restored after WW II to its original state and the numerous monuments and museums teach about Poland’s rich history.

Get a Bang for Your Buck

Warsaw is an affordable destination – your dollar still goes a long way!

Be in the Center of It All

Located in the heart of Europe, Warsaw is the perfect home base for your travels to other European cities such as Paris, Rome, Budapest, Berlin, etc.


  • $8,500 - Spring
  • $7,900 - Fall
  • $8,500 - Fall 2
  • $16,450 - Academic Year
  • $3,500 - Summer
  • $3,800 - Summer 2
  • $4,100 - Summer 3

What's Included

Tuition & Internship Placement

The program includes full tuition and fees at Collegium Civitas (semester) or Seattle Central Community College (summer) as well as internship placement and monitoring.

Official Transcript

Two months after completing the program, we’ll send your home university an official transcript from Collegium Civitas (semester) or Seattle Central (summer). This allows you to transfer credit back to your university (with prior approval from your advisor). The transcript contains the course title, grade, and credit hours for each course.


During the program you’ll share an apartment with other students. All apartment locations are chosen with careful consideration given to students’ needs. These include cleanliness, proximity to the school, public transportation access and convenience of the location with regards to stores.

Program Director

Throughout the program, you’ll receive on-site support from the Program Director. The director will meet you at the airport, lead the orientation session, organize activities, and be available 24 hours a day.

Airport Transfers

In order to make your arrival go smoothly, your Program Director will meet you at Warsaw International Airport. He/she will take you in a taxi to your apartment and help you move in. At the end of the program, the Director will also take you to the airport before departure.

In-country Orientation

You’ll take part in a 2-day orientation session at the beginning of the program. The Program Director will provide you with helpful advice and tips for living in Warsaw, review the schedule of activities for the program, distribute cell phones, and teach a survival Polish class.

Use of a Pre-Paid Cell Phone

During the orientation session you’ll be provided with a cell phone and a number of initial minutes. You’ll be responsible for recharging your phone with minutes. A cell phone is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family back home. Also, text messaging is a popular and economical way to communicate with your friends in Poland.

Transportation Pass

To help you travel smoothly around Warsaw, we’ll provide you with a transportation pass that can be used on all buses, trams, and the subway.

Activities & Excursions

Activities and excursions will be planned throughout the program. These are designed to help you get to know the Polish culture better. Some sample activities include a tour of Warsaw, museum trips, art galleries, films, concerts, and many more. For summer students there will be a trip to Krakow (including the Wieliczka Salt Mines and Auschwitz). For semester/year students there will be weekend trips to Krakow and Wroclaw.

Health Insurance

You’ll be provided with a short-term accident and sickness medical plan that is designed especially for students studying abroad.

International Student Identity Card

All students are issued a complimentary International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which gives you great student discounts on airfare, rail passes, accommodation, sightseeing, food, shopping and more. Over 40,000 discounts are available around the world!

What You'll Need


Meals are not included, but you will have a kitchen available in your apartment so that you can cook your own meals. Food is very affordable in Warsaw. Many students also like to eat out. There are small cafes and quaint restaurants close to the university for you to enjoy.

Spending Money

Warsaw is an affordable European city to live in. You will need to bring spending money for food, personal items, additional travel, and entertainment.

Round-trip Airfare to Poland

Student travel agencies provide great deals on airfare to Poland. The average round-trip ticket costs around $800.


Generally textbooks are much cheaper in Poland and professors use a lot of readers and photo copies rather than expensive books. You should plan on bringing $100 per term for books.

Pre-paid Phone Cards for Your Cell

At the beginning of the program you will be provided with a Polish cell phone and an initial amount of minutes (ca. $30). During the program you will need to purchase your own phone cards to refill your minutes. Your Program Director will show you where to buy these.